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With the rapid development of digital technology, consumers prefer to read short articles, so visual propaganda becomes more and more important. It is estimated that by 2020, 94% of marketing content will be visual images.


As the Internet has become an integral part of many people’s lives, video marketing has risen to a new level.
MG animation

Dynamic graphics incorporates graphic design, and film language. Its rich and varied forms of expression are extremely inclusive and can always be mixed with various expressions

3D product animation

3D animation can display the company's products in a more detailed, complete and interactive manner,so that the user can intuitively understand the structure and working principle of the product.

Foreign model product video

Foreign model presentation products, the intuitive form of expression simplifies the traditional marketing programs such as oral presentation, graphic information, physical samples

Company Clips Videos

Live and intuitive video playback demonstration, customers can control the progress of the game, can better display the company's strengths, culture, products and services.

Through video marketing

Improve company

image and conversion rate

Project Cycle

You can choose from a variety of video formats. The next “dash” on the Internet is  
- Short video marketing


The combination of innovative forms and high-tech marketing is a symbol of the company’s cutting-edge image and solid strength.
Helps to increase the value of the company and its product brand.
Professional photography shooting

Professional video, lighting and scenery

Queensize Red Promotion

Promotion to ensure video exposure

Professional content planning

Video is creative and professional

Product brand promotion

Spreadiing the brand effectively

Professional foreign model

Different genders and skin colors

Duration and period

Work cycle is only 1-2 weeks

Professional post-production

Post editing, special effects synthesis

After project

Product is sent back completely

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